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Rug Cleaning Marin Cleaning Service

We can clean wool Rugs, Oriental rugs, Persian Rugs and more!

Professional rug cleaning businesses use the beating process, which has been proven to be the best way to clean your rugs.  Rug cleaning businesses also use gratuitous amounts of water to make sure that your oriental rug cleaning is done in such a way to get every fiber clean. Rug cleaning is not only important for sanitary reasons, such as getting rid of pesky allergens that can cause great discomfort, but it also extends your rug’s life.

Rug cleaning can also be very specialized, for example, rug cleaning for an expensive oriental rug or a valuable antique rug has to be done with precision and care so as not to damage or decrease the value of the rug. Rug cleaning professionals are the only people who should care for your valuable rugs.

Rug cleaning is not an afterthought. No one should buy an expensive rug and then neglect it until it is worthless and dull. Even if it seems worthless and dull a good rug cleaning can often revive rugs and make them look brand new. It is important to understand that rug cleaning can be as important as waxing your solid wood floors. Rug cleaning is akin to making sure that no scuffs or dents mar your wood floors. Rugs are often times works of art, hand crafted by individuals at looms. Rug cleaning professionals understand how to care for your property and only use rug cleaning techniques that can ensure the safety and protection of your rugs. All in all, professional rug cleaning is much better than DIY methods.

We have built Rug Cleaning Marin Cleaning Service over the last 24 years on the basis that we treat every customer with respect, honesty, integrity and a very high level of service! We provide a complete range of cleaning services for clients, and match their service requests with cleaning professionals in the Area.

We've developed a reputation for delivering the highest quality residential, and commercial cleaning services for carpets, tile and upholstery. We're eager to show you what we can do. At Rug Cleaning Marin we offer a wide variety of rug cleaning services. We only use the most certified methods of cleaning rugs. There are many different type of rugs that you may have and there is a certain way to clean each and every one of them. We have serviced the Marin area for years and we understand how important it is to you to have your rugs clean. All of our technicians have gone through a process to get certified in area rug cleaning. We can clean wool Rugs, Oriental rugs, Persian Rugs and more! Persian rug cleaning requires skill and not your everyday carpet cleaner can accomplish this task in a professional manner.