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Persian Rug Cleaning Marin

Persian Rug Cleaning in Marin, Area Persian Rug Cleaning Marin, Area Rug Cleaning Marin

All too many Persian Rug owners let professional Persian Rug Cleaning fall by the wayside, believing that vacuuming is enough to keep their Persian Rug clean. It is not. Instead, dirt and grime is collecting and building up in your valuable Persian Rug, below the surface where you cannot see it. In fact, many Persian Rug owners find to their horror, when they finally do have a professional Persian Rug Cleaning done, that their Persian Rug has become infested with fleas, or even lice, from their pets. Fortunately, the Persian Rug Cleaning experts at Persian Rug Cleaning Marin can help you keep your home clean and sanitary by helping you out with all your Rug Cleaning needs, including Area Rug Cleaning, Persian Rug Cleaning, Oriental Rug Cleaning, Antique Rug Cleaning, and Wool Rug Cleaning.

Some companies who claim to offer quality Persian Rug Cleaning services actually only shampoo your Persian Rug. Do not be deceived by these companies’ claims of great value and low price; they are not actually doing a proper Persian Rug Cleaning. The proper way to do a Persian Rug Cleaning is to hang the rug, beat it to dislodge all grit and dust, and then shampoo and rinse it until the water runs clear. Only the can you be sure that your Persian Rug is really perfectly clean. Many Persian Rug owners in Marin, CA are surprised to see clouds of dust billowing off their Persian Rug during the beating process, even if they vacuumed their Persian Rug every day and shampooed it regularly. It is essential for all the dirt to be removed from the rug, and that there is no dirt at the bottom of the rug fibers by having a regular Persian Rug Cleaning from the professionals at Persian Rug Cleaning Marin, because any little bit of grit and grime will wear away the fibers of your valuable Persian Rug, causing worn places and bald spots.

If you have pets, you may have experienced an allergic reaction to those pets, or may have had guests break out in sneezing fits from your pets’ hair and dander. Many pet owners do not realize that one of the best ways to prevent pet allergies is to have your rugs cleaned by Persian Rug Cleaning professionals, such as the experts at Persian Rug Cleaning Marin. Our thorough Persian Rug Cleaning methods ensure that all pet hair and dander is removed from your Persian Rug, so that you, your family, and your guests can breathe freely in your Marin, CA home. Even if you do not have pets, or no one in your family is allergic, a regular professional Persian Rug Cleaning will still improve the quality of air in your home, thus improving your health and helping you to breathe easier, by removing dust mites and other unwanted pests. This is why it is important for your health that you have a professional Area Rug Cleaning, Persian Rug Cleaning, Oriental Rug Cleaning, Antique Rug Cleaning, and Wool Rug Cleaning done every year.

At Persian Rug Cleaning Marin, we understand that you want to extend the life of your beautiful Persian Rug for as long as possible. Therefore we can accommodate special care instructions, no matter what your Persian Rug’s needs. For example, many customers with Antique Persian Rugs choose to have a gentler version of the traditional rug beating done, so that any old and brittle fibers are not damaged in the professional Persian Rug Cleaning by Persian Rug Cleaning Marin. We also have a wide variety of cleaning chemicals to choose from, and we will make sure that your antique or delicate Persian Rug is not damaged in your Persian Rug Cleaning. Some Persian Rugs have dyes that are not fast, meaning that they may run or fade in some Persian Rug Cleaning environments. We are used to accommodating such circumstances at Persian Rug Cleaning Marin, and you can rest assured that your Persian Rug will be safe with our Persian Rug Cleaning professionals.